B's Furry Friends Rescue (BFF Rescue)

Where animals have a safe, loving home until their "furever" home is found.

Rabbit Runs

At this time we have about 15 rabbits at the rescue. We are in need of more runs so that they can have outside of hutch time and to be able to stretch their little legs. We also need to build a few more hutches in order to house them. We have about 33 animals total but the rabbits are the ones in the greatest need of housing at the moment.

Any and all donations are greatly appreciated.

Welcome to the Donations page.

There are no campaigns at this time.


  • "I run Spoiled Rotten Chinchillas Rescue in Jacksonville, FL. BFF Rescue has always been there to reach out and give me a helping hand anytime I needed it. I have never met any..."

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